File Transfer Websites Are Some of the Handiest Utilities on the Internet!

If you ever need to send a file to someone or even many people at once, or just need to send a file from your office computer to home or home to office, there are websites that will do just what you need! Best app to share large file

You can send documents, pictures, spreadsheets, PDF’s, ZIP’s or almost any other kind of file, to virtually anyone through the Internet by using these file transfer websites. You can even send most files that can’t be sent by email because of size or other problems associated with attachments or email hosting services.

With gas prices the way they are today, these sites can also save you money by not requiring the physical transportation of files on disks or flash drives to remote locations. This is definitely one type of web site to add to our collection of handy and convenient Internet utility sites!

These file transfer websites vary widely in ease of use, features, cost, and reliability. Most are free to use for at least simple file transfers, however many are also more complicated than necessary, require sign-up or registration, and are cluttered with advertisements.

However, I was impressed by the straightforward simplicity and uncluttered appearance of at least one of these file transfer sites. With this type of site, you simply go to the site, choose “Upload”, browse to your file and upload it to the site. Once your upload is complete, you’ll be given a secure ID number for your file. Provide this number to as many people as you want to send the file to. They go to the site, choose “Download”, enter the number you provided and download your file. That’s all there is to it! What an easy, secure and innovative way to transfer files to people.

Some sites have the addition of adding their email address to the upload, however, this is mostly for sending the file to only one recipient and in my opinion, unnecessarily complicates the process. You can simply email the file ID number to your recipient using your own email and it will probably have a better chance of being recognized by the recipient and get throught their spam filter.

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