Useful Tips for Facebook Apps for Businesses

Everyone knows that Facebook, the social network giant bridges gaps. With more than 845 million active users, the social site helps people stay connected every day. Besides posting photos, updating status or playing games there are Facebook apps for businesses designed for business pages. mobile apps

According to statistics, around 20 million applications are installed on Facebook per day. The application includes games, horoscope, quizzes, media apps and of course business apps. These Facebook apps for businesses are designed to boost productivity, enhance pages and show off portfolio.

Page owners can always customize their business pages to fully utilize and experience the advantages of the applications. However, there are various choices and it is essential to be meticulous in choosing and installing the suitable applications. Below is a list of useful Facebook apps for businesses available for business pages.

Business Profile
This is essential in every page because it serves as a public business card. Apart from name and products or services offered, a short summary may be written containing the experiences and works previously done. A page owner may also use a standalone page using My LinkedIn profile, Professional Profile or Business Profile applications. One can also add basic information such as links to company website or newsletter subscriptions.

Blogging has been around for quite some time. Since it is interactive, it allows people to read, comment and share posts anywhere on the web. Facebook applications can be used to announce fresh blog posts automatically. Tools such as Twitter, Tumblr, Networked Blogs and Simplaris BlogCast can be used.

However, it is essential to only posts business updates and other information related to the page created. Page owners can also share useful links that interest viewers and their market or invite experts to be a guest blogger.

Updates from other social sites
Page owners may add updates from other social sites to the Facebook page. To do this, just embed other social sites such as Flickr, Twitter or YouTube. One may also choose to sync all social media channels to save time in updating each.

However, page owners must also be very careful in integrating feeds form other sites especially Twitter feeds. A stream of tweets can be too much that can look like a spam and that not advisable. Take note, only share information that is worth reading such as new content or upcoming events. Lastly, it is important to update and maintain the page regularly.

Welcome Page
The welcome page is the most popular and must-have for a business page. Here, the page owner or admin can greet and encourage people to like the page. Upon clicking the “LIKE” button, the user may be directed to the business home page.

To create a welcome page, there are alternative applications available such as iFrame, iwipa, Tabpress, Pagemodo, Welcome by Word of Social, Wildfire and many more. Setting it up is simple. Just switch to page mode, install the chosen application, add content such as images or links and publish. Take note that some applications require a fee but there are others that are free to use.

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