Hypnosis for Relaxation and Stress Relief – Progressive Relaxation

Welcome to your journey towards a better you. As you relax deep into your subconscious, the place that creates you every day anew, Sleep you will get a chance to truly change. Suggestions made here go to the very root of your being and will grow into beautiful realities.

Main Part Please follow me as I guide you to the very depths of relaxation, a place that will allow you to truly revitalize your body and mind, and reprogram yourself into exactly the kind of person you want to be, living exactly the kind of life you want to live.

Please close your eyes. Before I begin with the main part, I would like to clarify something: when I ask you to open your eyes during this session, please only pretend to open them, but really just feel the tension this creates in your eyelids and forehead. Then, when I tell you to close your eyes again, feel the pleasant relief of relaxation as your eyes drop to a deeper level of peace and comfort. Only at the very end of the session will I ask you to really open your eyes. Let’s begin. Relax your eyes. Feel how your eyelids are resting upon each other like two snug, warm bodies, breathing each other’s love. Now, feel the connection between them getting more and more perfect. Feel how one lid relaxes its every pore softly stretching towards the other, filling in each tiny gap of it with its own cells.

You can use the following image: Mei-kun was a woman that had mastered the art of feminization to such an astounding level that when a bird alighted on her hand, she managed to attach her hand to the bird’s feet so smoothly and adjust to the bird’s movements so quickly and gently that the bird could not manage to push himself up and remained on Mei-kun’s hand until she showed mercy and allowed him to fly back into the sky. Feel your eyelids attach to each other like Mei-kun attached her hand to the bird. Your eyelids are so snug and perfectly connected that you will find it impossible to open them.

Allow yourself to believe this. It is impossible to pull apart your perfectly connected eyelids. Now, open your eyes. Feel how your eyelids simply do not want to give up their connection, no matter how much you try to stretch and force them apart. Now, close your eyes again and feel how they relax back into their perfect snugness. Feel how the deep feeling of relaxation in your eyes sinks into your whole body, making it heavy and content. Feel your body relax. Let it sink into the cushions beneath you. Imagine it giving off a big, tired sigh as it sinks down and further down into the cushions.

Let your awareness move swiftly to your forehead. This is the powerhouse of your imagination. You will now use it. You are looking at a whiteboard. You have a black pen that writes on it in smooth, thick lines. Use the pen to draw a circle on the board. Look at your perfect circle. Draw an X in the circle. Take the eraser from the small shelf attached to the whiteboard and erase the X. Next, erase the circle. Next, erase the whole situation and feel yourself drifting even deeper into peace and relaxation.

I will now count backward from 100. As I say each number, repeat it in your head, and then erase it. With each number you erase, you relax more deeply. With each number you erase you feel calmer and heavier. 100. Repeat. Now, erase 100. Feel yourself sinking deeper. 99. Repeat. Erase 99. Relax. Let us continue. 98 – 97 – 96… feel how waves of relaxation roll through your entire body and take it to a deep place of complete peace and calm. A place of total relaxation.

From here, focus on the point between your eyebrows. Bundle all your attention in this spot until you are completely focused on the voice you hear, your guide to your subconscious. Relax your attention into space and simply listen to this voice as you relax more deeply with each word. Sink deeper with each sentence. Relax. From here, we will move through four more levels of relaxation. With each level, you will drop down ten comfortable levels of relaxation further. At the end, you will arrive in a whole new world of comfort deep inside your mind. The first level is the pillow level. You will relax down to the deepest part of your pillow and sink into its soft folds as you grow ten times more relaxed than you are now.

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